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Art for new Awards & Honors section: Leonard Cohen: 2013 Juno Artist Of The Year & Songwriter Of The Year

As previously noted, the Leonard Cohen Online Directory is a work (perpetually) in progress. The most recent additions to the Directory, all made in the past few days, include

Video: Take This Waltz – A Spring Fantasy Dedicated To Leonard Cohen


Oana Maria Cajal,1 whose videos featuring Leonard Cohen have frequently been  featured at & (see list of previous posts below), describes Take This Waltz as “A Spring Fantasy Dedicated To Leonard Cohen.”

I have often prayed for you
like this
Let me have her

From “Whenever I Happen To See You…”
by Leonard Cohen (The Energy Of Slaves 1972)

Take This Waltz
Video by oana maria cajal


Previously featured Cajal videos

The Longing Trilogy:

  1. In The Moment – Right Now: The Cohen Upstairs Video & Exhibition
  2. Video: Dreaming Suzanne – Dedicated To Leonard Cohen
  3. Hallelujah On Fire – Part 3 Of The Longing Trilogy
  1. Oana provides provides this description of herself:

    I am a poet, a playwright, a painter. I believe the poetry created the world. My hobby: Survival! My message is urgent: In the Spotlight of Death, Life shines in its brightest colors. Celebrate! This very second! Right Now! [] Goes On Quasi-Hiatus Status With Arrival Of Prodigal

samdance2 Wedding of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro (2008)

Wedding of Very Very Good Girl & SportsBizPro (2008)

Because of the impending visit of DrHGuy’s elder son, Prodigal (aka Sam), the Duchess has prepared not only a fatted calf with all the fixins but also a schedule chock full of fun. Consequently, posting on and will be limited for the next week or two.

Julie, Sam, & Max

Julie, Sam, & Max

Leonard Cohen: “NO TOURING IN 2014″


From an April 12, 2014 post by Jarkko Arjatsalo at LeonardCohenForum [highlighting mine]:

I still get a lot of emails asking about a tour in the fall of 2014.

Many are asking because they have been holding their registration to our Dublin Event, in the hope of getting a tour announcement.
This has been said many times here, but let’s repeat it: there will be no tour in 2014.

I told Leonard today about the emails, and he asked me to quote him:


DrHGuy Note: This writing in stone thing does go a long way toward explaining why it takes Leonard so long to write his songs.

Leonard Cohen Online Directory and The Goldilocks Conundrum

Brooke, Leslie, illustrator. The Golden Goose Book. London Frederick Warne, 1905.
I’ve seen the future, baby:
it is murder

-Leonard Cohen (The Future)

Strategic Choices For Leonard Cohen Online Directory

Given that the future is, as Mr Cohen observes, potentially problematic, I’ve been working on ongoing strategies for the Leonard Cohen Online Directory.

I constructed the page as a means of efficiently finding accurate and useful information about topics related to Leonard Cohen wherever they may reside on the internet (see Leonard Cohen Online Directory – Tools & Treats For Cohen Fans).

I’ve labeled this post “Leonard Cohen Online Directory and The Goldilocks Conundrum” because one quickly realizes that the primary issue for the Directory is avoiding the Scylla of doing too much, which would make the site cumbersome, and the Charybdis  doing too little, which would make it impossible to find some information that is available. The goal is, in fact, to create a process that is “just right.”

This was, of course, the tactic at the heart of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story – an account which becomes much easier to comprehend once one grasps that Goldilocks was obviously a consultant and the bears were her clients. And the fairy tale itself? It was actually the PowerPoint presentation The Goldilocks Group, LLC made to 3Bears, Inc to explicate The Value Locus Decision Matrix.


So, this page will be in flux, especially over the next week or two as I eliminate some items and adding others.  Check it out. at Leonard Cohen Online Directory


Credit Due Department: Illustration atop this post is from Brooke, Leslie, illustrator. The Golden Goose Book. London: Frederick Warne, 1905.

Leonard Cohen Online Directory – Tools & Treats For Cohen Fans

Looking For The Good Stuff

The idea behind the Leonard Cohen Online Directory is to offer a one-stop reference page to the best Leonard Cohen resources from all over the internet. The original Directory had become outdated and infested with dead links. The links in the list are now functional (at east,they were functional this morning). I have batches of items to add to the Directory to bring it fully current – but that’s an ongoing task.

Right now, you can find links to the Leonard Cohen discography, an exhaustive list of covers, the media reports from the 2008-2013 Tours (by year), chords to the songs, articles about Cohen’s life, essays on his songs and writing, a spate of humor pieces, and more.

THe new & continuously improved listing can bbe accessed at Leonard Cohen Online Directory