NCAA Tournament Alert: Connecticut Substituting For North Carolina

dukeIn preparation for Sweet Sixteen viewing, those Duke fans with the bumper stickers reading

My Two Favorite Teams Are Duke & Whoever Is Playing North Carolina

are advised that, because of the early demise of the Tarheels at the hands of George Mason, Connecticut will now be playing as Duke’s Designated Traditional Rival.

Again, that is Connecticut Substituting For North Carolina on your scorecards.

goodhuskiesbadhuskiesConnecticut’s next opponent is Washington; consequently, Duke fans will be cheering for valiant Washington and rooting against the quite possibly nefarious University of Connecticut in this potentially confusing All-Huskie contest.

Once more, the correct Duke preference is For Washington and Against Connecticut.1

Given the long and rancorous history of contention between Duke & Connecticut, pundits expect little if any falloff in the intensity or irrationality in the Collegiate Rivalries category as a result of George Mason’s ouster of North Carolina.

Credit Due Department: The Heck Of A Guy Blog thanks its on-campus correspondent, The Duke Of Derm, for providing this official Duke Basketball Policy declaration. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

  1. A certain number of Insults and taunts directed by Duke fans toward the University North Carolina regardless of Duke’s actual opponent in a given game is, of course, inevitable, justified, and certainly acceptable. The Designated Traditional Rival is appointed to intensify the immediacy of a corporally present adversary. []

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  1. Mrs. Linklater

    I’m from headquarters and I’m here to help. First Texas beats Duke. Gonzaga, after steamrolling UCLA beats Texas. UConn gets hosed by Wichita State. Nova beats everyone.