Prodigal Demonstrates A Fishy Recipe: Dishwasher Salmon

Three males bunking in the same home is a formula for all manner of weirdness. In the kitchen, for example, Da Boyz are fearless, and I am a more or less willing co-conspirator.

Consequently, it may not surprise the attentive reader to discover that this afternoon,  Prodigal Son dishwasherprepared Dishwasher Salmon while I shot the definitive photo-documentary (Ken Burns, eat your heart out)

Finding recipes for this delicacy on the Net is no challenge. So, why should the wary consumer choose to check out the Heck Of A Guy version? Because, of course, only the Heck Of A Guy blog features Prodigal as chef. Further, we debunk and deride errors in other recipes.


  • Olive Oil
  • Salmon – one 6-8 oz filet (steaks and whole fish are too thick to poach in this manner) per serving
  • 1-2 tablespoons lime juice per serving
  • Salt & black pepper
  • Aluminum foil


  1. Lay out a two sheets of foil, each at least twice as large as the piece of fish
  2. Spread olive oil over the foil sheets
  3. Place the salmon on the oiled side of one sheet of foil & fold up the outer edges
  4. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of lime juice over the salmon
  5. limejuice

  6. Salt & pepper the salmon to taste
  7. Place the oiled side of the other sheet on top of the salmon and the first sheet
  8. Fold and pinch the aluminum foil sheets together, creating a watertight envelope around each fillet (OK to double-wrap)
  9. fold

  10. Place foil-wrapped fish on the top rack of the dishwasher
  11. placement

  12. At this point, many recipes warn against the use of dishwasher soap; these recipes are written by wimps who have no confidence in their aluminum foil folding skills and who have so much time on their hands that they can cook fish and wash dishes separately; we, on the other hand, needed to transform dirty dishes into clean dishes; we’ve been told that soap is necessary to effect that change. The Prodigal recommends Cascade Orange Scent
  13. soap

  14. Run dishwasher for the entire wash and dry cycle (do not use economy, cool-dry, or pots & pans settings)
  15. controls

  16. When cycle is finished, remove and unwrap the foil packets
  17. Discard foil
  18. Place one fillet on each plate (Alternatively, fish can be chilled before serving)

After considering the options (none), we chose to accompany the salmon with pineapple salsa, which  Prodigal pronounced acceptable although we both suspect the Cilantro or Hollandaise Sauces recommended by other recipes would be better yet. A salad and sauté potatoes would be fine complements to the salmon. The Prodigal matched the poached salmon with an amusing vintage of Canada Dry (decaffeinated) Ginger Ale; a Pinot Noir, however, would be a more classical approach.

Dishwasher Salmon is not only geek-cool but, as far as I can tell, nearly fool-proof (as long as one respects the concept of a watertight foil envelope).

As a pidgin-French speaking Heck Of A Guy might put it,
C’est un beau poisson et il est propre

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  1. I’m anticipating the eventual publication of the Heck of a Guy’s Dishwasher Cookbook, which will be nothing if not a bestselle (at least for people with room in their dishwashers for dinner.)

  2. Mrs. Linklater

    For lo-cal Peking duck, use the Light China setting.