Photo Opp & Orison

Yet Another Addendum To Cool Ways To Use Your Digital Camera Or Camera Phone

When some of the phones in your home start behaving bizarrely,1 send photo of telephone electronics and wiring to the repairman so to clarify the problem (i.e., to reassure him that you can accurately assess whether a light is on or off) and to identify the unit model so he knows which part to bring:

Note the non-glowing green light on the central,
most expensive component of the unit

Supplication To The Patron Saint Of Blogging,2 Miscellaneous Blog Dieties, & Higher Powers In General:

OK, it was nice to have a real life example of a Cool Ways To Use Your Digital Camera Or Camera Phone even though the fallen tree was a nuisance.

And I’m not going to complain about this phone system problem — it was great that the photo I sent clarified which phone system model we owned, saving the repairman from making two service calls (and me from paying for two calls instead of one)

But now I think we’ve had enough problematic instances of Cool Ways To Use Your Digital Camera Or Camera Phone. If you wanna provide another example, why not try sending me an illustration of something along the lines of “Email a photo to everyone you know to show them what $1 Billion in small, unmarked bills looks like.”

Otherwise — Enough Already

  1. Bizarrely, in this context, does not include phenomena that occurred only on 6-6-06, including but not limited to your answering service message changing on its own to “You have reached the gateway to Hell … ,” the handset spinning violently and than spewing blood from the mouthpiece, and multiple wrong numbers from folks asking for “The AntiChrist.” []
  2. As far as I can tell, this position is still up for grabs although nominations have been made. The next time one of you runs into the Pope, would you ask him to take care of this oversight? And tell him DrHGuy says “Hi.” Thanks []

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  1. You are on a roll here. You’re even inspiring me to come up with a few ideas. I can pester my county extension agent with photos of garden plants in need of something or other or pests I’d like to get rid of (the six-legged sort).