Nude! Nude! Nude! Teachers! Teachers! Teachers!

The Search For Nude School Teachers

Newbie blogger that I am, I treasure each and every viewer, regardless of the route through which he or she arrived at the perpetual gala that is the Heck Of A Guy Blog. I do, however, have a special place in my heart for the cyber-pilgrim who, according to the web site statistical trackers, entered the terms, “nude” and “school teachers,” into a search engine,1 wiped the drool from his or her frothing lips, clicked on “Go,” and landed, of all places, here at

Now, I’m willing to stipulate that this specific hit was probably a fluke. It seems unlikely that has garnered a reputation as, say,

The Epicenter Of Nude! Nude! Nude! School Teachers

Not that there would be anything wrong with that.

And, as it turns out, the Heck Of A Guy archives do contain three posts with nude references and several more featuring variations of school teachers. Sadly, at least for our meandering visitor, the set of all nude posts and the set of all school teachers posts do not intersect (see diagram).

The Heck Of A Guy Pornucopia

Nonetheless, the Heck Of A Guy Blog is no stranger to the sexually tinged aphorism, the quasi-kinky innuendo, or the double, yea even the triple, entendre. The careful reader (and you know who you are) will find, for example, the following erotica embedded in the indicated pposts:

The Inspiration

This event does raise an interesting point. While I suspect that my desire to increase my readership doesn’t match this searcher’s lust for – well, let’s leave it at lust, I certainly do get a rush when the hits counter perks upward, and if there is a market for nude school teachers, perhaps it’s not only a marketing opportunity but my civic obligation as a citizen of the blogosphere to meet those needs.

Send me your tired,
your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to gaze on naked educators

Pretty stirring, eh?

A New Direction

Perhaps the Heck Of A Guy Blog could become a sophisticatedly risqué destination for those with refined tastes of a certain sort.

I’m envisioning a target audience consisting of those who get off not only on nude school teachers but are also turned on by serial love stories, car rental advice, selections from eclectic readings, the Glaucoma Hymn, elevator hacks, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, my mother’s tchotchkes, all varieties of squid, and recipes requiring dishwashers.

Well, the Heck Of A Guy Blog has never suffered from hyperfocus. Actually, it sounds like a heck of a demographic, and, as I review that list, I have to wonder, who wouldn’t enjoy each and every one of those categories?

The Action Plan

Maybe I should start by adding a new category for Nude School Teacher posts — and finding a marketing consultant or two.

Hmmm. Does that scan?

Nude! Nude! Nude! School Teachers!
Nude! Nude! Nude! Marketing Consultants!

Oh Yeah, that’s good.2

I do know a lot of school teachers (note to self: Do medical school faculty count?). Heck, I’ve seen some of ‘em nude …

Stay tuned.

  1. While the statistical analysis inexplicably lacks this data, I suspect that these words were typed using only one hand []
  2. Come to think of it, there are precious few professions that don’t fit in that paradigm (although none so well as “school teachers”):
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Nurses!
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Department Store Clerks!
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Police Officers!
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Strippers!
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Bloggers Living On Farms Who Fiddle With Locomotives!
    I guess there are some that work less well:
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Software Vendors!
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Psychiatrists!
    Nude! Nude! Nude! Any Of My Relatives! []

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