Heck Of A Guy Blog Updates

1. Update to Urban Skills: The How-To Of Ketchup Decantation

The Fix Is In.
For reasons not worth mentioning (i.e., it was my fault), Urban Skills: The How-To Of Ketchup Decantation was inaccessible for a bit. It’s back now. My apologies for the hassle.

2. Update to Urban Skills: On The Road

As I drove the into the gas station during our recent vacation, I realized that my unbroken string of consecutive trips in which I remained ignorant of the location of the rental car’s1 gas tank was intact.

From my Urban Skills: On The Road post, I realized that the gas gauge might hold the key to resolving the impending dilemma of the gas pump position dilemma.

Checking the gauge occasioned no little trepidation, given that Da Boyz and my buddies are perpetually on alert for opportunities to witness a petard-hoisting so the failure of my own published advice to assist me would undoubtedly occasion a prolonged period hee-haws, jokes, and taunts at my expense. That is, as they say, how we roll.

A quick glance revealed (sound fanfare) that the arrowhead was there, triggering much fist-pumping with simultaneous YES! exaltations, as well as general jubilation and huzzahing in abundance.

3. Update to How To (Correctly) Not Take Medications As Prescribed

This post about the implications of obscuring from or lying to ones clinician about noncompliance with prescribed treatment proved surprisingly popular (i.e., lots-o-hits on the web site stats) and evocative (i.e., several emails and three or four cogent comments).

Assuming that this essay wasn’t somehow misread as another example of my impenetrable black humor, the quantity and quality of responses bodes ominous for both author (that would be me) and reader (that would be you). While I am, of course, happy about the outcome, posts of this sort require some attention and care in the writing with precious few opportunities for the insertion of knee-slappers. The viewer’s risk, on the other hand, is that I’ll go overboard and start pushing posts about noncompliance and other, even more esoteric subjects written in a pseudo-scholastic style that is even deadlier, more prolix style than that you already face when you dial up http://www.heckofaguy.com/blog.

4. Update to Julie’s Writings

All of Julie’s finished short stories are now available here and have proven, depending on which statistical parameter one chooses, either the most popular or merely one of the most popular destinations at the Heck Of A Guy Blog. Because of this, I’m considering making at least portions of her novel available; I am still undecided because the novel was, in Julie’s mind, still in draft form with many anticipated changes, some of which were to have been significant.

5. Update to Random Observations From Vacation

A. While I’m not routinely a whistle-blower, I can be silent no longer. Two full days after tropical storm Alberto had passed through Hilton Head with some debris from the trees and foliage still visible on the pool deck, FEMA had still not arrived to assist.

B. I somehow forgot to post this especially representative vacation photo of Mr. Science immersed in thought.

6. Update to Google’s Just Not That Into Heck Of A Guy

Lamentably, Google is still playing hard to get, and the Heck Of A Guy’s index-lust remains unrequited.

7. Update to Nude! Nude! Nude! Teachers! Teachers! Teachers!

This campaign is proceeding nicely even before auditions for models have begun. In addition to the original visit from the individual searching for “nude school teachers,” the Heck Of A Guy blog has scored a number of hits from other IP addresses for the search strings, “teachers nude,” “nude teachers,” and an excited “TEACHERS NUDE.” There has also been a single search for “nude firemen” that led to this site.

In a potentially related area, we’re also excited about another search string combining “put your big girl panties on” & “poem.”

Coming Attractions and leading to this humble blog

  • The Next Installment In Julie’s Story
  • A Leonard Cohen Song You’ve (Probably) Never Heard
  • I Take Issue With Organized Poetry Over Why People Read Poems

  1. This photo of our rental car was originally taken to demonstrate the particularly nauseating color of this otherwise adequate vehicle. While the sight of this car cruising down the road caused decent citizens to look away in horror and disgust, in some sort of cosmic blog irony, it seems downright attractive in the picture. []

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