The Giles Brindley Scientific Erection Exhibition

G.L. Brindley Presents

Las Vegas, 1983

Today’s primary post at my AlignMap blog is the story of Professor Giles Brindley and the very personal  presentation of his research on chemical induction of penile erections at the 1983 Las Vegas meeting of the American Urological Association.

Previous Heck Of A Guy posts, Someone You Should Know: Giles Brindley and More To Know About Yesterday’s Someone You Should Know: Giles Brindley, have addressed the same topic, but the AlignMap post contains  some new material, including some of Dr. Brindley’s accomplishments in other fields, and  corrections of speculations, rumors, and sensationalistic hyperboles that have inevitably been been added to accounts of the event that took place 24 years ago. The new information portrays Professor Brindley in a different light, convincingly contradicts some implications made by other reports, and makes the piece worth checking out.

The link to the AlignMap essay is

Professor Giles Brindley – The Ultimate Show and Tell

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The photo, Las Vegas, 1983, was taken by Monika Betley

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  1. Fantastic posts on Giles Brindley. Great detective work by HGuy. Can’t wait to have a few beers with my buddies and share this story.

    –Science Guy