Numbers By Noah – The Hidden iTunes Customer Phone Number

A Number Of Numbers

There are many important and well-known numbers. Avogadro’s number1 is quite nice. Fibonacci Numbers2 are fine. Fermat numbers3 are dandy. Even random numbers, such as those in the top graphic can be unbelievably important. And, has anyone else noticed the current plethora of TV shows with names containing and sometimes consisting entirely of numbers?4

The Noah Numbers

None of these, however, compare with Timothy Noah’s numbers.

Noah currently writes Slate’s “Chatterbox” (subtitled, ” Gossip, speculation, and scuttlebutt about politics”), which is not DrHGuy’s cup of tea.5 Nonetheless, Noah garnered a fervent admirer here three years ago when he helped his sister find the unpublished Amazon Customer Service Number6 and then, bless him, published it online in Amazon’s Customer Service Number. He became, at that moment, a made man. As he noted a couple of years later,

To this day, publishing’s customer service number … is my most profound contribution to the commonweal. When I die, I expect my tombstone to read: “He published Amazon’s customer service number. Those bastards tried to keep it a secret, but he found it, bless him, and he splashed it all over the Web.”

And Now, iTunes

Almost six months ago, Noah set out on another, even more challenging quest: the iTunes Customer Service Number.

His perseverance in the face of anonymous adversity are chronicled in a contemporary fable, all the more potent for being drawn from real life, that should be recited by parents to our nation’s youth as part of our cultural legacy. The links below lead to this iTunes saga in Slate:

Calling iTunes
Calling iTunes, Part 2
Calling iTunes, Part 3

The methodology Noah discovered and published last week follows:

1. Telephone the following number: 800-275-2273. This is the Apple Care Service and Support Line.
2. When you hear the recorded greeting, enter 70. The recording will very likely reject that entry at first. If so, try again.
3. When you’re prompted to say the product that you need tech support for, say “iTunes.”
4. When you’re prompted to say what type of computer you’re using, say “a Windows machine” or “Macintosh.”
5. When you’re prompted to say whether you’re calling on behalf of a school, answer “yes” or “no.”
6. This will get you a live person. Please note: You will need to state the serial number of your iPod before you can proceed.

Quoting Noah,

You’re welcome. And Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Timothy. And a Merry Christmas to you as well.

  1. The number of atoms or molecules needed to make up a mass equal to the substance’s atomic or molecular mass, in grams. Currently estimated to be (6.0221415 ± 0.0000010)×1023. Source: Wikipedia []
  2. The series constructed from the numbers, 0 and then 1, and then adding the last two numbers in the series to obtain the next number. For example, 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8… . Source: Halexandria Foundation []
  3. Trust me, you don’t want to know what they are unless you’re a math geek, in which case you know already. Still, if you must see for yourselves, you can find the latest exploit in Fermat numbers at Science In Africa []
  4. For example, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, 30 Rock, 20 Good Years, The Nine, Six Degrees, 1 vs. 100, 24, Numb3rs, 7th Heaven, Two and a Half Men, 10 Items or Less, 60 Minutes, Million Dollar Listing, Thirty Minute Meals, One Tree Hill, Nanny 911, and 20/20 – not to mention all the “10 O’clock News” sorts of titles, mini-series with “9/11″ in the name, and re-runs of Eight Is Enough []
  5. DrHGuy is actually a Diet Coke sort of guy but “not DrHGuy’s cup of Diet Coke” just doesn’t scan []
  6. 1-800-201-7575 []

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