Wall-To-Wall Coverage

Golden Walls

Da Boyz & I just returned from the Ozarks town of Golden, Missouri, where we were guests in my mother’s home, a residence featured in an earlier post, In My Mother’s House Are Many Tchotchkes, most of which focused on the proliferation of stuff she and my dad mounted on the walls of their home. During this Christmas pilgrimage to the parental homestead, I snapped a few photos to illustrate my earlier descriptions.

The shot selection was driven by impulse and whim so not all the items on all the walls are displayed. Moreover, I lacked the fortitude to explore the loft of the house, its closets, the garage, or the outbuilding that previously housed my parents’ RV, all of which now serve as repositories for still more miscellanea. Nonetheless, the gestalt of the place should be clear from the snapshots.

These photos can be viewed at:  Gallery Of My Mother’s Inventory

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