Leonard Cohen Albums Re-issued With Unreleased Tracks, Blue Alert Re-Released

Anjani’s Blue Alert And Leonard Cohen’s First 3 Albums To Be Re-Released April 24, 2007

The re-issuing of Leonard Cohen’s back catalog, under the Columbia/Legacy1 label, begins with his first three albums on April 24, 2007 (re-scheduled from March 27, 2007) and will feature not only remastered songs and fresh liner notes but also an interesting handful of previously unreleased tracks.2

According to several sources, including The Leonard Cohen Files, a new studio album is also due in mid-summer 2007.

Songs of Leonard Cohen

Originally published in 1968.

Two additional tracks from 1967 sessions with John Hammond: “Store Room” and “Blessed Is the Memory”

Songs From a Room

Originally published in 1969. Two additional tracks: an early version of “Bird on a Wire” appears here as “Like a Bird” with different instrumentation, and an early take on “You Know Who I Am” appears on this album titled “Nothing to One.” Both feature harmony courtesy of David Crosby.

Songs of Love and Hate

Originally published in 1971.

One additional track: a full-band arrangement of “Dress Rehearsal Rag” that contrasts with the more ascetic version on the original album.

Anjani Thomas’s Blue Alert

This version features a DVD with videos for “Thanks for the Dance” and “The Mist.”


Credit Due Department: The information re the newly scheduled publication date and the new tracks is from Rarities Unearthed For Leonard Cohen Reissues by Jonathan Cohen. Billboard. January 10, 2007.


Anjani and Anjani Thomas: An Aside On Names
Anjani and Anjani Thomas are, for the purposes of the Heck of a Guy blog, synonymous names, both of which refer to the exotically lovely, dulcet-voiced singer best known for her Blue Alert CD and her long-term relationship with Leonard Cohen. I include this clarification on posts about Anjani-Anjani Thomas in part for the purpose of what the folks at Wikipedia call disambiguation (i.e., to positively identify for the reader and remove any doubts the reader might have about which Anjani of all the possible Anjanis is being discussed) and in part to aid and abet the search engines. While a rose is, famously, a rose is a rose, a “tea rose,” for example, is not exactly the same as a “rose” – especially to a search engine. Searches that include “Anjani” as part of the search terms may not produce the same results as the same search terms other with “Anjani Thomas” substituted for “Anjani.” Should any other Anjani, say one who has not produced a CD called “Blue Alert” or one who has not been associated with Leonard Cohen for the decade, I promise to do my best to make that identification clear as well.

  1. Columbia/Legacy is a subsidiary of Sony BMG []
  2. Neither of my two personal favorite candidates for additional tracks, “Do I Have To Dance All Night” and “There’s No Reason Why You Should Remember Me,” made the list for these first three albums. Bummer. []

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