And Things Continue To Change

In follow-up to the 5 Feb 2007 Heck Of A Guy post, Things Change,

I feel a very unusual sensation – if it is not indigestion,
I think it must be gratitude.

~Benjamin Disraeli

I’m pretty sure it’s not indigestion I’m feeling.

Yesterday (07 February 2007) afternoon, Sam, AKA The Prodigal, was, for the first time since the accident, able to respond to verbal instructions.

The first heartening event was that his movements became goal-oriented. He, in fact, assisted the nursing staff by spontaneously removing his breathing tube.

The real excitement, however, was his stellar performance on the mental status exam: he was able to give his last name when questioned, show the correct number of fingers on request, and perform similar miraculous cognitive feats.

Multiple worrisome problems remain and no one is offering guarantees of a happy ending, but I’m forgoing my usual caviling for now in favor of an effort to work on that gratitude thing.

Not a bad day for the home team.

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  1. You are both in my prayers…

  2. I hope the improvement continues.