Tomorrow: The Other Leonard Cohen – Anjani Duet

One More Post From The Warsaw Concert

As a result of multiple requests, a number of those always enjoyable obsequious pleas, and a couple of suggestions that may have edged over the line into the territory of threats, I plan to post one more selection from the Anjani – Leonard Cohen Warsaw concert.

The song, Never Got To Love You, is sung as a duet by Anjani and Leonard Cohen.

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, Never Got To Love You will be available here tomorrow morning.


Heck Of A Guy Coverage Of Anjani’s Warsaw Concert

This post is part of the sequence of Heck Of A Guy blog entries dealing with the Leonard Cohen Presents Anjani concert that took place at the Agnieszka Osiecka Studio in Warsaw, Poland on 31 March 2007 and was broadcast live on Trójka Radio. Apolinary POlek alerted readers to the availability of the broadcast and provided links to photos and a recording of the pre-concert interview with Anjani and Cohen on the Trójka Radio site; he has also graciously shared his recordings of the concert itself.

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A Request
I would appreciate it if links to the Heck Of A Guy blog identified it by name and used the post’s permalink rather than a tinyurl or some other modified URL. Alternative forms of gratitude and compensation, including cash, negotiable bonds, jewels, precious metals, free lawn care, home-cooked meals, and Italian villas are also acceptable, but offering appropriate credit seems simpler and would be fully satisfactory.


Anjani and Anjani Thomas: An Aside On Names
Anjani and Anjani Thomas are, for the purposes of the Heck of a Guy blog, synonymous names, both of which refer to the exotically lovely, dulcet-voiced singer best known for her Blue Alert CD and her long-term relationship with Leonard Cohen. I include this clarification on posts about Anjani-Anjani Thomas in part for the purpose of what the folks at Wikipedia call disambiguation (i.e., to positively identify for the reader and remove any doubts the reader might have about which Anjani of all the possible Anjanis is being discussed) and in part to aid and abet the search engines. While a rose is, famously, a rose is a rose, a “tea rose,” for example, is not exactly the same as a “rose” – especially to a search engine. Searches that include “Anjani” as part of the search terms may not produce the same results as the same search terms other with “Anjani Thomas” substituted for “Anjani.” Should any other Anjani, say one who has not produced a CD called “Blue Alert” or one who has not been associated with Leonard Cohen for the decade, I promise to do my best to make that identification clear as well.

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