More Pix – More Nostalgia

On vacation this week, mention of my 40th High School reunion led to the revelation that Hippie With Tiara had a cache of photos from our medical school years.

The display below is a collection of poor man’s scans of those photos (i.e., my photographs of a batch of 30 year old photographs), negatively affecting the quality of the graphics. An identification key, with dates approximated, follows the photos.

From upper left and proceeding clockwise:

  • Hippie With Tiara and DrHGuy (1973)
  • Princess of Peds and Red1 (1973)
  • Top: Red and Gary2 Bottom: Hippie With Tiara and DrHGuy (Camping trip – Arkansas Bluegrass Festival – 1972)
  • A particularly grizzly Lord of Leisure and Red (1972)
  • Duke of Derm, Bob AKA Re-Deal,3 Paula,4 and DrHGuy (1971)

DrHGuy Then and Now

A careful comparison of these pictures of me in 1972 (reader’s left) and now (reader’s right) demonstrates, well, that I haven’t lost my ability to sit on a rock. No, I do not know who surreptitiously placed that cap on my head. On the other hand, I actually believed, God forgive me, that the muttonchops and Prince Valiant hair looked OK.

  1. Diamond High School; Sister of Tiny []
  2. Diamond High School classmate []
  3. University of Missouri Medical School classmate, now a hot-shot orthopedic surgeon []
  4. University of Missouri Medical School classmate, now Medical Director of Pediatric Hospital []

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  2. Mrs. Linklater

    Well, we now have photographic evidence that John Lennon lives.