At Every Unique Wedding

It’s A Sign

This weekend, on returning from a vacation highlighted by the betrothal of Very Very Good Girl and SportsBizPro, I was catching up on my online reading only to discover that this past week was also the occasion of Slate’s special wedding issue. Moreover, the Slate articles are unusually thoughtful and – gasp – even useful.

It also occurred to me that another marriage had a special connection with the annual Hilton Head vacation. A few years ago when Julie was too ill to travel, we sent the Prodigal and Mesomorph to Hilton Head under the care of Ex-Nanny and Boyfriend. While there, Boyfriend, after consulting with the Prodigal, who advised “lots of flowers,” “a nice restaurant,” and “call[ing] ahead for wine,” Boyfriend of Ex-Nanny popped the proverbial question and became Fiancé of Ex-Nanny. Still later, Fiancé of Ex-Nanny became Husband of Ex-Nanny in a ceremony with Da Boyz serving as groomsmen.

I choose to take all this as a sign1 that wedding info is currently blogworthy, so in the first of an ongoing series, Heck of a Guy presents …

Wholly Matrimony: The Slate Wedding Issue

Heck Of A Guy

While The Quintessential Chocolate Vodka – Chocolodka is not exclusively targeted to weddings, the beverage and the occasion are certainly a copacetic pairing.

  1. OK, it’s no burning bush, but I’m no Moses either; you work with what you got []

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