Leonard Cohen BBC Interview: I'd like to go out [on tour] again

Jikan The Useless Monk1 Speaks

In a 13 July 2007 interview on the BBC program, Front Row, Leonard Cohen discusses, among other issues, his interest in a concert tour (which would be his first since 1993), prompted in part by the fiscal crisis caused by the theft of his funds by his former manager:

I’d like to go out again now. So, I’ve been looking into it & actually starting to make arrangements.

Among the other topics covered in the wide-ranging interview are

  • Living the abrasive life of a monk
  • Using Christian imagery
  • Reading a rhyming dictionary, appreciating rappers, taking delight in “sonic coincidences”
  • Comparing songwriting styles with Bob Dylan
  • Writing and re-writing song verses in notebooks
  • Drinking to overcome stage fright

Blogger’s Note
While I am hardly the most experienced or astute Cohen-watcher, he seems, to my ears, more animated and appears to enjoy the conversation more during this interview than he has in similar situations of late.

Frankly, I am amazed he has done as well as he has over the past 72 years without the benefit of my maternalistic ministrations.

Listen To The Interview

The interview is available for as a download or as a podcast at ~Front Row Podcast~.

  1. “Jikan The Useless Monk” is a self-reference Leonard Cohen uses in “The Book of Longing” poems, combining his given Dharma name of “Jikan” (Silent One) with his own descriptive phrase, “The Useless Monk” []

0 responses to “Leonard Cohen BBC Interview: I'd like to go out [on tour] again

  1. Now I want to read all the verses of “A Thousand Kisses Deep.”

    You must go to a concert when Leonard Cohen goes on tour again. It doesn’t matter where or when; you must go.

  2. You can also appreciate his poetry as interpreted by Philip Glass in his series of concerts… “The Book of Longing”…

    Not steal from Nike… but dammit… “JUST DO IT!”