Walkernastics – The Walker Dismount

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After reading the posts about my femoral neck fracture, subsequent hip pinning, and post-op orders to use a walker to avoid weight-bearing on the pinned hip,1 SportsBizPro, groom elect of Very Very Good Girl,2 emailed this recommendation, “Please make sure to get a few ‘action shots’ of you walking around and post them!”

Now, one can hardly begrudge the inherent psychological drive of the young, hale, and hearty to point out and comment on the physiological deterioration of their elders. Ridiculing photos of the impaired is, after all, at least somewhat more sublimated than shoving the old folks onto ice floes.

Still, because I found it difficult to believe a photo of me as walker-gimp would appeal to viewers other than (1) ungrateful whippersnappers all too eager to replace the Boomer generation who currently (and rightfully) run things and (2) individuals with a strong skew toward the sadistic, I deferred any action on that idea.

Since that original suggestion, however, I’ve received enough similar requests that, in acquiescence to the wishes of the Heck of a Guy audience and without passing judgment on the possible motivations – regardless of how sinister and perverse those may be, I offer this shot of me on my assigned apparatus, the pommel walker.

I apologize for the low level of expertise demonstrated. Snapping the shot by first setting the camera’s self-timer and then trying to be in the requested action pose when the shutter fired complicated the procedure to the point that I had little choice other than the simple loop dismount shown here. Despite several attempts, for example, I could never get the timing right for a photo of the handstands, and, as for those Russian Wendeswings, well, a picture of those would have just been grandstanding.

  1. See Sick Call Summary and Pimp My Assistive Device []
  2. The betrothal of these youngsters was the subject of I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock and Roll – Heck, I Knew The Bride When She Sang Her ABCs. These hip and trendy kids even have their own SportsBizPro & Very Very Good Girl wedding web site that is a quantum leap or two up the quality scale compared to most such efforts I’ve seen. []

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  1. Lord of Leisure

    That’s hee-haw funny, dude. Great post.


  2. And to think I was ready to come play nurse in your hour of need ;->.