McHenry County Eye Candy

Today’s post sets forth another candidate for the new McHenry County Seal,1 the provenance of which follows:

While employing a photocopy of the Illinois State Seal as the McHenry County Seal may have fallen a tad short of Jackson Pollock-level creativity,2 the seal of these United States certainly seems an appropriate source of inspiration for designing a new McHenry County seal.

The back of The Great Seal, displayed in the graphic below and, most ubiquitously, on dollar bills, features the Eye of Providence (AKA The All-Seeing Eye) positioned, of course, atop a pyramid.3 Readers familiar with the Heck of a Guy Blog will not be surprised to discover that I was fascinated by the notion of a mystic eye, and its official association with the currency of the realm could hardly be interpreted as anything other than a rather blatant sign from the cosmos that some version of this image belongs on the McHenry County Seal. The “some version” provision is necessary because a floating eyeball, despite its undeniable allure, could, one supposes, be considered by some to be – well, creepy.

Applying the previously discussed criteria for the new seal, that it be “unique to McHenry County” and “readily identifiable,” to the iconic eye, I soon realized that my quixotic foray into concerns about county seal identity theft was less a mistake than a flaring of artistic genius sublimated into a post about a conspiracy theory.

Based on my chief source of technological science, movies that are offered by Netflix, my thoughts raced from “All-Seeing Eye,” “unique to McHenry County” and “readily identifiable” to “means of identifying a unique entity” to biometrics to this boldly unique seal that is, in the realm of county seals, pretty darn readily identifiable.

The County Seal and Identification Card

The McHenry County I.D. Seal

Displaying a retinal scan,4 the modern technology most associated with identity verification, this seal bespeaks a county’s commitment to knowing who we are – because otherwise, how do we know who doesn’t belong here? Surrounding the identifying and identifiable retinal scan is a burnished brass border, into which is etched the county’s name and the emblem’s title and which resonates with the traditional values of McHenry County that persist, unyielding and inflexible.5

  1. The McHenry County Seal Redesign Project is explicated in two previous posts: Sealed With A Dis and The Great Seal Of McHenry County Not Great Enough []
  2. On the other hand, it seems fair to say that Pollock’s work may not represent the perfect imagery for a county seal. (See example on right) []
  3. The most reliable studies now show that 66-81% of all confirmed sightings of floating eyeballs take place directly above recognizable pyramids []
  4. I am undecided as to whose retina will be used for the actual seal. Candidates now under consideration include elected county officials, the various festival and homecoming queens reigning in the county, a composite of a representative sampling of the county population, and, of course, the most attractive blogger in the county. []
  5. Uncertain if the brass border conveys an adequate quantity of symbolic linkage to the past, I am considering the addition of a Latin phrase to signify the permanence of some principles, something along the lines of Vos es non ex hic , es vos? (“You’re not from here, are you?”) []

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  1. What about one of those things in the shape of Illinois with one of DrHGuy’s arrows pointing out McHenry County.