Leonard Cohen Entertains During Blogging Interlude

Respite From Heck Of A Guy Posts Brought To You By ISP Fiat

Internet access has become an overwhelming if intermittent problem.

For the nonce, bandwidth restrictions have effectively rendered creating the characteristic prolix, overproduced, footnoted Heck of a Guy post difficult to the point of impossible unless I have two or three hours to spare.

I’ve decided instead to devote whatever extra time is available to more gratifying and less frustrating activities – say, inscribing the book of Habakkuk on a soap bubble.

Rather than surrender altogether, however, I hope to provide viewers with a bit of entertainment (beyond imagining my anguish).

The Man Who Wrote Suzanne A Hundred Years Ago

Today, for example, I am showcasing a little seen, recently uploaded video of the Leonard Cohen performance during which he forgets the lines to Suzanne and substitutes an improvisation, “I’m The Man Who Wrote Suzanne.”

Update: As far as I can determine, this video is no longer available online. If it turns up again, I’ll re-post it.

YouTube Preview Image

As for the blog, we’ll be back to abnormal as soon as possible. Your patience is, of course, appreciated.

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  1. Darn. Wish I could loan you some bandwidth.