All Saints Day Eve – AKA Halloween


Halloween Pumpkins 2007

AKA Only One Shopping Day Left Until DrHGuy’s Birthday

Some readers may benefit from a project to bind the anxiety generated by the anticipation of tomorrow’s double holiday: All Saints Day and DrHGuy’s birthday.1 If you’ve already purchased and wrapped your birthday gift, by all means, feel free to indulge in the traditional seasonal sport of pumpkin carving. To facilitate this effort, DrHGuy has provided three pertinent web sites.

Halloween Help: Pumpkin Carving

For the record, I remain a stalwart fan of Extreme Pumpkins and their gung-ho power tool and pyrotechnics approach.2

If, however, you’re the sort who favors a lighter touch, you might try How to Carve a Fancy Pumpkin, a tutorial on creating more subtle effects by only partially removing pumpkin shell so that those areas of the finished pumpkin glow from the light (see example on the right).

But the hip and trendy, too cool for school pumpkins this year are sporting non-traditional designs from the house of Check “Patterns” for – well, patterns in PDF format for downloading. Some of the categories are shown below.

There are other categories, such as cartoons and sports, as well.

For an example of the products resulting from these designs, check out The Carpenters all aglow.


Other Heck Of A Guy Pumpkin Carving Posts

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All Saints Day

Again, DrHGuy finds it necessary to remind those overeager disciples out there that the official pre-Rapture party line is that it’s only a coincidence that both All Saints Day and DrHGuy’s birthday fall on November 1st (which is, by the way, TOMORROW). And please don’t wink, roll your eyes up, or elbow folks, muttering “eh, eh” as though you were auditioning for a Monty Python skit, when you say that it’s only a coincidence.


Credit Due Department

The Red Sox Pumpkin photo is by thebristolkid, who is also responsible for the carving. was revealed unto DrHGuy by LifeHacker.

  1. One who speaks of himself or herself in the third person is, it turns out, an illeist, according to the inevitably reliable Anu Garg at DrHGuy is fascinated by this discovery and hopes you are as well. []
  2. For details, see the 2006 Heck of a Guy Halloween post, Pumpkins, Pictures, and Presents: Preparations For Halloween []

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