Needlework by Julie Showalter – Chapter 13

Needlework, A Novel By Julie Showalter

Needlework, A Novel By Julie Showalter

Julie Showalter

Julie Showalter was my much-beloved, fiercely smart, extraordinarily sexy wife, who died in 1999 from cancer diagnosed the week of our wedding nearly 20 years earlier. She was also a prize-winning writer.

This blog includes many other posts about her and the unlikely but true story of our romance (See Julie FAQ) as well as several of her short stories and other pieces. Most of Julie’s fully edited and buffed literary efforts are already available under the heading, Julie’s Writings, in “Categories.”

Unpublished Julie is a group of pieces I’ve found on her computer or in her office that range from workshop exercises to story fragments to projects set aside to finish at a later day to work that appears, at least to me, to be fully as polished and effective as her published stories.

Needlework, The Novel

Julie completed a novel, Needlework, by 1997 but was revising portions of it for some time afterward. I have searched her files and have compiled the latest versions I have discovered.

I plan to publish that compilation of her novel on the Heck of a Guy Blog, a chapter at a time in serial fashion. Links to all currently published portions of Needlework can always be found at this link: Information About Needlework With Links To Published Portions. PDF versions of the posted sections of Needlework can also be found at that page.

Chapter 13 of Needlework Now Available


Chapter 13 of Needlework can be found at


To download a PDF version of this section of Needlework by Julie Showalter, right-click on the link below and then choose “Save Link As … ” or “Save Target As …” from the context menu:

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