The Perspective Of and On The Best Pole Dancing Ad In Halifax

Readers may recall that in my 13 November 2007 post, I Have Been Away On Assignment Today, I wrote

Today’s blogging time was given over to fulfilling my responsibilities as the Heck of a Guy’s daredevil reporter (and editor). If all goes well, you should see the results in 3 or 4 days.

Well, if you had “checking out a pole dancing advertisement in Halifax, Nova Scotia” in the What is he talking about? pool, … you lose. Today’s Heck of a Guy entry has nothing to do with my gig as cub reporter.

Instead, this post happens to be about the clever ad (pictured below) for a pole dancing class in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Best Pole Dancing Ad In Halifax

I do suspect that part of my fascination with this ad lies in its circumstances – that it’s a smart ad about a pole dancing class at an exercise club called Studio In Essence located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.1

Anyway, I found this at Ads of the World, where most of the comments debated if the ad would be improved or weakened if the pole were in the picture. I confess to being a tad disappointed that no one has yet suggested the ad might be enhanced were the pole and a pole dancer added to the scene.

Bonus: Random Educational Materials

According to Wikipedia,

Halifax Regional Municipality is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, making it the seat of the provincial Crown. … The population in 2006 was 372,679; the urban area of HRM had a population of 282,924, giving the municipality the largest urban area in the Maritimes and largest population centre in Canada east of Québec City.
… In the heart of the downtown you’ll find art galleries, museums, historic sites and churches, shopping, sidewalk cafés and friendly nightclubs. Lively pubs and livelier entertainment and a nightlife that doesn’t quit, spectacular shows, first class sporting events, riveting live theatre on both sides of the harbour, scrumptious dining, … The region is noted for the strength of its music scene and nightlife, especially in the central urban core.

And Halifax looks something like this,
Halifax SkylineThose of you interested in signing up for class at Studio In Essence should be aware that, as reported in The Coast, in January 2007 the club moved to larger, swanker quarters:

The new location is 2,000 square feet, enabling them to run two pilates classes side by side, and there is room to host larger events. The space can also be used for private or duet instruction, or to host parties. Wade [the owner] says bachelorette parties are popular, especially with the nine poles now available for pole dancing lessons. “We have a lot more space here, more room for equipment, more room to grow,” she says.

In further Studio In Essence news, Cabaret Serpentine points out that ‘Monique teaches Tribal Fusion bellydance at Studio In Essence, as well as Hula Hooping and Bootylicious!” and that the following 4-week mini-sessions begin November 18th: “1:00 – Hula Hoop Basics, 2:30 – Tribal Bellydance Basics, and 3:30 – Tribal Level 2 choreography (only open to current level 2 students).”
Credit Due Department:
The ad was created by Extreme Group, Halifax, Canada.

This concludes the best – or at least, the most informative – post you’re likely to read today that links Halifax, advertising, Studio In Essence, pole dancing, and schedules for Monique’s Tribal Fusion Belly Dance class

  1. The common thread in this assemblage of ingredients is, I realize, my ignorance. I know little about advertising, even less about pole dancing, still less about places like Studio In Essence, and nothing about Halifax beyond its location in the Maritime provinces (and I don’t know how that factoid came to lodge in my reservoir of useless information). Since nature is notoriously abhorrent of a vacuum, I have filled these information deficiencies with a mix of stereotypes, wild guesses, inferences, and similar nonsense. As it turns out, in the quirky, whimsical internal construct of the universe I’ve created, the notion of an ad for a pole dancing class in Halifax is apparently quite amusing, but maybe you had to be there. The quality of the ad, of course, is independent of my distorted perceptions of Halifax, pole dancing, or exercise clubs. []

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  1. looks like a grade school classroom – so where is the pole