Family Home Photo Safari: Loft Items

Loft Items Now On-line – Colanders, Buttons, Scrub Boards, and Sewing Supplies

Photos of another group of those doodads, antiques, gadgets, widgets, junk, tchotchkes, collectibles, oddities, curios, odds, ends, and much, much more that line the walls and reside in the geological layers of miscellanea that arise from nearly every table and shelf as well as much of the floor space in my mother’s home in the the Ozarks are now available for viewing .

The loft of my mother’s home is filled with sewing and crafts supplies as well as collectibles. Because of her arthritis and other medical problems, climbing the stairs to the loft is an arduous task and not one often undertaken. Consequently, this area is almost always in disarray and so I have only a few images of the contents of the loft although there are piles, boxes, and sacks of material,1 sequins, zippers, craft kits and supplies, clothing patterns, books, scissors, skeins of yarn, crochet and knitting needles, and, as always, more.

The photos of my mother’s loft can be found at Now On-line Loft

New Display Format, New Index Page

I’ve changed the methodology used to display the photos. The above link for the photos of the loft items, for example, directs one to a HTML template produced by Google Picasa software which loads faster, is easier to view, and is more aesthetically pleasing than the styles previously used. The new format is available for the photos referenced in today’s post, and I have also converted the previously published photos of the items from the bedroom and deck to this format.

I’ve also established a central index page for these photos of my mother’s collectibles at Mom’s Collectibles – Index & Description Page. This page contains the narrative about my parents’ accumulation of miscellany excerpted from previous posts and links to all the published groups of photos.

Because more than 90% of visitors to the Heck of a Guy site in any 30-day period are first-timers, I try to include enough information such that someone who, for example, happens onto today’s posting in his or her initial visit is oriented and has access to the back story. At the same time, I dislike bloating each post with core information that returning readers have already seen (repeatedly).

One tactic I’ve used to overcome this problem are boilerplate footnotes that explain the roles played by certain recurrent characters such as Julie2 and recurrent references such as my AlignMap site.3 Similarly, this Mom’s Collectibles – Index & Description Page should provide the necessary information for newcomers without burdening ongoing readers with redundant content. It should also be a convenient reference for finding these photos in the future.

  1. One of the Prodigal’s prize finds in his annual investigations of the treasures of the loft was blanketing material featuring the John Deere logo – in three styles. His grandmother fashioned blankets for him from this material that he used for years as a teenager []
  2. Julie Showalter was my much-beloved, fiercely smart, wickedly sexy wife and prize-winning writer, who died in 1999 from cancer diagnosed the week of our wedding nearly 20 years earlier. There are many other posts about her and her writing in this blog. For information, see Julie Showalter FAQ []
  3. AlignMap is my professional web site and blog that focus on patient compliance, also known as adherence to treatment []

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