Family Home Photo Safari Finale: Living Room

Thanksgiving 2007 Photos Of Mom’s Collectibles Now On-line

Living Room Items – Tools, Trivets, Grinders, Locks, Pulleys, China, Kitchen Implements, Saw Blade Art

Photos of the final group of those doodads, antiques, gadgets, widgets, junk, tchotchkes, collectibles, oddities, curios, odds, ends, and much, much more that fill my mother’s home are now available for viewing.

Mom’s living rooms walled are filled with the collectibles she and my Dad accumulated during the three years preceding his death. Even having seen the same displays for over ten years, I am surprised and impressed by them at every visit.

No prose I could compose could match simply looking at the photos.

Mom’s Collectibles – Index & Description Page

The full story of my mother’s houseful of collectibles and its metaphysical implications and links to all the photos of items from her home can be found at Mom’s Collectibles – Index & Description Page

The Photos

All of the Family Home Photo Safari pictures were taken by me during our Thanksgiving 2007 trip to Mom’s home. The vistas on the title panels of the photo displays depict Table Rock Lake as seen from the cabin’s deck during the same Thanksgiving 2007 visit.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoyed photographing my parents’ collectibles and as much as my mother and father enjoyed finding and displaying them.

The photos of the items found in the main room of Mom’s cabin are available at Mom’s Living Room

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