Tina Turner At 2008 Grammys – Still Nice and Rough

Damn. Tina Turner remains the “hardest working young lady in show business today.” I double-checked – Wikipedia claims Anna Mae Bullock was born on November 26, 1939, but that would make her 68.

Watch Tina Turner perform1 (with 26 year old Beyonce trying to keep up) at the 10 February 2008 Grammy Awards; you may want to verify that birth-date for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

In any case, after viewing the video, you should have a better understanding of my reference to “the list of female singers I want to sleep with even though (1) I know they would hurt me and (2) the chance of Tina Turner spending the night with me approximates zilch.”2

While she was in the neighborhood, she picked up her Grammy Award as a participant on Herbie Hancock’s album of the year winner “River: The Joni Letters.” Let’s see, that makes 8 of those things she has to keep dusted now.

Reuters has a decent write-up of the event at Tina Turner wows Grammy crowd with comeback

  1. From the Who Knew? Department, Tina’s big number, “Proud Mary,” was written by John Fogerty. []
  2. Tina, I am willing to sign a hold-harmless waiver []

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