Crosby, North Dakota In The Time Of Allan Truax: Railroad Depot and Hospital

As part of my ongoing project describing the life and times of Allan Truax,1 I occasionally post photos or information about Crosby, North Dakota, the town to which Allan Truax, then 37 years old, and his wife, Evelyn, moved in 1908 and where they lived until his death in 1965.

Train Depot

Allan Truax was employed as a railroad mail clerk for the Great Northern Railway which operated this depot in Crosby, North Dakota, the beginning and the termination of the daily train route Truax worked.

Healthcare In Early 1900s

According to the local newspaper, Crosby’s first physician was Dr. Blake Lancaster, a graduate of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

… Dr. Lancaster received an X-ray machine from Chicago which, aside from being a most beautiful piece of furniture, will be widely used in his practice.


Identification: Allan Truax, Allen Truax, and A.L. Truax
“Allan Truax” and “Allen Truax” appear with approximately equal frequency in the written material I’ve reviewed, with “A.L. Truax” occurring somewhat less often. The name Mr. Truax inscribed in his books was “Allan” so I use it preferentially

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