Identify A 2G Mac Without Starting It Or Using The Serial Number

The Pristine Design Of the Mac Interface

A few days ago, I posted The Immaculate Perception Of The Mac – A Blessing and A Curse, pointing out that the pristine design and the congruent image associated with iPods and Macs can indeed be both a blessing and a curse, concluding that sometimes pristine is actually just prissy.

Nonetheless, I am compelled to admit that the Mac’s keyboard and touchpad are pretty slick.

And only yesterday, I discovered a built-in functional feature of the keyboard that, as far as I can determine, appears to be undocumented; consequently, I’m sharing it here.

The Keyboard That Makes You Say “Gee” – Twice

Check it out yourself.1

  1. There is, no doubt, a reasonably funny, semi-smutty joke (i.e., mainstream filler for this blog) to be made about fingering an extra G-spot, but, well, it’s just too easy. []

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  1. I have seen the future, “Doctor” and they are going to look.

  2. Being a dial-up challenged PC user, I didn’t click. Two “G’s” without an “O” just sounds like twice the work. To quote Miss Von Schtupp – “How Ordinary”