iProtection – The Skinny On Skins

Responding to The Immaculate Perception Of The Mac – A Blessing and A Curse, my jeremiad on the gratifying yet potentially counterproductive quest to maintain iPods, Macs, and other Apple products in their native pristine state, helpful reader, Chil-at-the-party, offers two recommendations for protective covers that are exponentially less obtrusive and more attractive than the primitive encasement I’ve used for years to shield for my equally primitive iPod.

He writes:

I’ve found an good compromise between protecting my iPhone/iPod without taking away from its visual appeal:



Both websites have skins that are very resistant to scratches, the claim is that they use this material to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades. I’ve even taken a steak knife to a discarded skin and it was not easy to leave a mark. I now have several non-Apple products protected in this manner too. I don’t use an additional protective case so they are still very susceptible to a fall, I may end up with a pristine looking yet broken iPhone.

While videos on both sites demonstrate these skins withstanding far more violent attacks, I am sufficiently impressed by Chil-at-the-party’s steak knife slashing to order a set of these the next time I purchase an iSomething or a similar product1 and (2) lock up the steak knives during visits from readers.

The skins pictured below are Invisible Shields, which are sold at http://www.zagg.com/ and are similar in appearance to the skins offered at http://www.bodyguardz.com/.

Both sites sell transparent films that are custom-fitted to a given implement, such as a third generation iPod Nano or an iPhone. The “custom-fitted” part, in fact, is the only issue that gives me pause.

The template printed on the skin shown to the right is the model sold by Bodyguardz for the MacBook. One notes a certain precision implicit in this pattern. In essence, one is applying an extraordinarily tough sticker to an iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, …. .

While Chil-at-the-party and perhaps most folks face the application of these skins (involved instructions are provided on the sites as well as part of the packaged product) as a routine task, I approach the application of a yearly renewal decal on my Illinois license tags as a high risk endeavor.

Still, these look pretty slick in addition to being practical.

Besides, it would be darn handy to know that in a pinch one could pull the skin from an iPod and, in MacGyver-like fashion, use it to patch up that helicopter blade to make good ones escape to freedom.

  1. While this discussion has centered on Apple products, the skins are available for other items as well, such as the Blackberry Curve and the Microsoft Zune []

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