Fedora Hits Silver Screen With Harrison Ford In Supporting Role

Indiana Jones and Fedora Star in The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

[Noting my announcement of an hiatus on blogging, a generous reader who wishes to remain anonymous has proffered this post, which he describes as “composed after the school of DrHGuy.” I’m appreciative albeit perplexed, as are, no doubt, Mssrs. Cohen and Ford, by the “Ex” in the legend of the graphic below. In any case, the post itself is dandy, and I am thankful for the contribution. DrHGuy]

Must Be The Season of the Hat

Indiana Jones, like Leonard Cohen, is back on stage in fine style, sporting a fedora.

In Indy’s case, the chapeau meets criteria for classification as signature headgear and is, in fact, on exhibit at the Smithsonian. (Also on exhibit at the nation’s closet is the whip Mr. Jones uses in his adventures. Pondering the potential qualities a whip might bring to Mr. Cohen’s performance, one is overwhelmed by the wonders that present themselves.)

The official Indiana Jones fedora is also, it appears, the source of significant income for various producers and retailers of hats.

Gallery of Still Hot Ex-Boy Wonders in Hats

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