Reviews Of Leonard Cohen In Eastern Canada Online

I am still spending most of my time attending Lady Lawanda during her sojourn in hospice. Once again, my fellow Cohenthusiast has posted a couple of reviews in my name at DrHGuy:

The Telegraph Review of Cohen’s St. John’s Concert is characterized by its description of the singer’s “enthusiastic integrity.” While I haven’t noticed that juxtaposition before, I do endorse the notion that if anyone can generate integrity enthusiastically, it’s Leonard Cohen.

A Comparison of the Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen Concerts in St John’s is an outstanding piece and deserves to be read by anyone with even a modest interest in contemporary music.

Finally, while I’m as narcissistic and chauvinistic as the next Heck of a Guy about my own web site, I would be remiss if I did not recommend, especially to those readers who lust after all the available details about Leonard Cohen’s 2008 concert performances, the frequently updated listing posted by Speaking Cohen at Tour Reviews and Other Memories from Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008

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