Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen

Happy Birthday Leonard Cohen (click on graphic to enlarge)

Thanks For The Music, The Words, The Style, And The Grace

Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a World Tour with every concert sold out and heavily praised, even a set of French and German Rolling Stone covers – it’s been a heck of a year for a kid with a crazy dream, the gift of a golden voice, and a fedora.

Congratulations, Leonard

Leonard Cohen Images (click to enlarge)

Leonard Cohen Images (click to enlarge)

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0 responses to “Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen

  1. Truly said, that was fantastic year for Leonard and his fans. Tickets are so expensive, but who cares! Let’s meet again in Warsaw!

    Happy birthday to You, Master, from one of Your best fans. Loving and faithful since childhood.

  2. I knew this would be the place to wish Leonard a happy 74th. I have been trying to find the original video clip of I’m Your Man all night to no avail. I did find a great interview from 1966 before he became a force in this country.