Leonard Cohen Celebrates 74th Birthday In Bucharest

Once More – Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Turns 74 In Bucharest

Leonard Cohen Turns 74 In Bucharest

Leonard Cohen celebrated his birthday with 10,000 of his closest fans in Bucharest yesterday.

Leonard Cohen - 2008 Bucharest Concert

Leonard Cohen - 2008 Bucharest Concert

In what has become the standard template of the Leonard Cohen World Tour, the concert was sold out and repeatedly described as a spectacular, transcendent performance.

Leonard Cohen - Bucharest

New Song – Happy Birthday Sung By Bucharest Audience – Added To Cohen Concert Set List

The  Youtube offering embedded below is not a great video but it is a grand experience. In addition to Cohen’s typically superb performance of Famous Blue Raincoat, there is a bonus.  As the video starts, one can hear the final bars of the audience singing Happy Birthday to Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Bucharest 9/21/2008)

The following video is a fine version of Closing Time, including a better than usual view of the band and the Webb Sisters. (It is, however, flawed by leaving Sharon Robinson MIA.) Not to be missed is Cohen’s high-stepping stage exit in the final seconds of the video that belies the singer-songwriter’s 74 years.

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time (Bucharest 9/21/2008)

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