Hip and Trendy Alert – Mantyhose

Iconoculture, a site that monitors social trends alerted  viewers this week to the surge in the popularity of mantyhose. An excerpt from their analysis follows:

  • Unisex dressing? Been there. Guyliner? Done that. Mirdles? Covered it. But even we didn’t see this one coming: mantyhose. That’s right — pantyhose for men.
  • Project e-MANcipate, which launched in 2003, is pushing to make it socially acceptable for men to wear pantyhose as an everyday clothing item. The group’s website provides a community for mantyhose donners. It lists “tips for new wearers” and reviews of products from mantyhose makers like Collanto, Gerbe and Comfilon.
  • Whether they’re for support, aesthetics or just fun, mantyhose sales are booming (CNN.com 8.11.08).


  • It’s clear that fashion’s gender lines don’t really apply anymore, especially as consumers forgo trends to find their own style. Anything goes in today’s fashion space — the more individually tailored, the better.

On the referenced site, e-MANcipate!, the monthly fashion feature spotlights this hosiery, described as “more elegant than sporty.” The description and photos are from e-MANcipate!.

Tattoo-like 20 den pantyhose, with a beige base color and black prints.


The rest is just everyday clothes, a longs-sleeve black shirt and a pair of shorts.

It’s a semi-autumn design with primarily brown elements. You might wear a short jacket with it if it’s too cold outside, preferably something close to the color of the pantyhose.

The outfit is more elegant than sporty; however, keep in mind that the tattoo-like design might be nonsense for any serious event – like a reception or business lunch.

Recommended outfit for everyday life – office, shopping.

e-MANcipate! offers social commentary, buying guides, support, and all manner of relevant content, including practical tips, such as Guide: putting on your pantyhose

Guide: Donning male pantyhose (click image to enlarge)

Guide: Donning male pantyhose (click image to enlarge)

Making A List, Checking It Twice, …

While the responsibility of keeping Heck Of A Guy viewers aware of cultural shifts is the prime motivator for this Mantyhose Alert, it behooves us to keep in mind that the holiday season is on the horizon. While Duke of Derm, Lord of Leisure, and the author have, I fear, become too stodgy to flash the well turned ankle clad in mantyhose to good effect, I’m thinking this product may be the solution to the problem of the perpetually difficult to buy for young gentlemen cohort. Lt At 14 , Son of Science, and SportsBizPro, for example, seem like the kind of guys who have integrated the message “that fashion’s gender lines don’t really apply anymore” and that “anything goes in today’s fashion space — the more individually tailored, the better.” And, apparel that is “more elegant than sporty” is, one suspects, a sparsely filled category in their wardrobe.

Bonus: The Joe Namath Pantyhose Ad

In 1974,1  Broadway Joe Namath donned pantyhose in nationally televised commercial. Unlike the thrust of  e-MANcipate, however, Joe’s legs were hosieried in the service of selling the product, Hanes  Beautymist pantyhose, to women rather than men.

  1. Some sources date the ad to 1973 []

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  1. It is great to see an article embracing the potential fashion options for men wearing tights/pantyhose. Most articles that cover this subject simply take the lazy route of mocking, so to find an informed and balanced approach is refreshing! I salute you!