Meet The Confessionals

Email, We Get Email, We Get Lots And Lots Of Email … Comments – Not So Much

For reasons unclear to me, Heck Of A Guy blog has always attracted far more email than comments.

A significant number of those emails include observations, anecdotes, aspirations, and revelations of all sorts, many of which have been interesting enough that I’ve shared them in conversations and in my own emails to my buddies.  And, on occasion, I would find a place for such content in a post.

Most often, however, I’ve garnered permission from the authors to publish the material in this blog and then  archived those messages against the day when I figured out how to present them.

I recently received another of these emails and, feeling that the experience described was too good not to share even though it is little more than a story fragment, came up with a format that may work.

The rules are simple:

  1. The content strikes me as something worth sharing.
  2. The authors agree to the posting, with or without identifying information.

Any questions?

I will publish these under the “Heck Of A Guy Confessional” logo (which is also the image atop this post) and in the “Confessionals” category – not to connote any dark, dirty sins being confessed (although I would certainly welcome those) but to identify the content as originating from Heck Of A Guy viewers.

Some, like the first entry (see the next post which will be published later today or tomorrow morning), will be little more than a copy and paste of the original email. Others will include an explanation from me with excerpts from the original email. Still others will be the original email reorganized by me and re-set into my words. I’ll clarify in these posts who is responsible for the material and who is responsible for the presentation.

We’ll publish a few of these, see how they go over, and adjust as needed.

If you have an opinion on these Confessional posts, let me know. And, of course, if you have something that you think might fit in a Confessional post, i.e., anything that strikes my fancy, by all means, send that sucker in.

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