American Debut Of Some Small Towns

Apolinary POlek

Apolinary POlek Returns To Heck Of A Guy Concert Hall

Ongoing readers may well recognize Apolinary POlek, an especially generous visitor to this web site. In March 2007, he alerted Heck Of A Guy viewers to the Warsaw Leonard Cohen Presents Anjani concert1 and later shared his recordings of the broadcast of that concert with listeners here.

Since then, he has been a frequent contributor, often providing information and insights about the music of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Most recently, a Heck Of A Guy post celebrated the opening of Apolinary’s blog, Blog Nocnego Grajka (“Night-busker blog”).

Today, however, Apolinary POlek eschews such Clark Kent roles to appear in his primary identity, singer-songwriter.

The Music

“Some Small Towns” was originally written in Polish and recently translated into English,2 a decision made, in part, to increase the appeal of the song when performed at performances in France,  England and Holland. The only difficulty I detect that can be attributed to the English translation is relatively trivial. As  Apolinary notes,

To sound really well, I should soften [the recording] by adding some very quiet background vocals, but singing it again … to make three exactly synchronized tracks in English is too much for my abilities.

I was impressed upon hearing “Some Small Towns” and asked permission to present it here. Now, I am excited to offer the American debut  of this outstanding piece.

Backing Apolinary  is Tatyana Bunyak on percussion and Karolina Czerska on bass (pictured below)

Some Small Towns – Apolinary POlek With Rhythm Section

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  1. Anjani Interview and Concert Online Today was the first of six Heck Of A Guy posts that covered the Warsaw Concert and Interview, which took place 31 March 2007. That post also contains information about and links to the other pertinent blog entries. []
  2. Through an exchange of emails I provided some minor assistance with the nuances of idiomatic English en route to the final version of the lyrics – unless “Some Small Towns” becomes a hit, in which case, I completely rewrote the piece from the ground up. []

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