Gorgeously Macabre Pumpkin Carvings

Yesterday’s post deservedly praised  Extreme Pumpkins as the Heck Of A Guy’s favorite gourd decoration site. DrHGuy is, however, remiss in slighting other pumpkin-centric sites by not explaining the basis on which Extreme Pumpkins has been repeatedly selected as The Heck Of A Guy #1 Pumpkin Carving Site.

It is a sad fact that DrHGuy is artistically challenged. In elementary school, the announcement of an art session, greeted by fellow students with anticipatory glee nigh onto rapture, struck terror into the then tender and vulnerable soul of the young DrHGuy.

Consequently, the design motif at Extreme Pumpkins, which emphasizes clever ideas manifest in simple designs rather than intricate images requiring significant artistic talent, is especially appealing to one who has too often heard the query, “What is that supposed to be?”

When the chief feature of a carved pumpkin is, for example, a 3 foot flame shooting out the top, a botched eyelid or an erratically cut mouth tend to attract little criticism.

DrHGuy is not, however, devoid of admiration for those talent-enriched pumpkin carvings.

He is, for example, in awe of the phenomenal 3-D productions of Ray Villafane at Villafane Studio Pumpkins

Ray Villafane Predator Pumpkin

Ray Villafane Predator Pumpkin

For the edification of Heck Of A Guy viewers, several examples of outstanding pumpkin art (and a Dry-Ice Martini and Electric Cake that is pumpkin-free but certainly resonates with Halloween) were posted yesterday at DrHGuy.

The simplest means of viewing these is to go to DrHGuy and scroll back through the posts dated 29 October 2008. For those insistent on using links to individual posts, those connections follow:

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  1. Curse be upon ye, for depicting the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster yea, with both his meatballs, but not captioning his (or her) holy name! Repent, lest ye be drowned in His (or Her) bolognese sauce.

  2. He has now deflected the multimillion bucket of bolognese sauce to a different universe, where people are worshipping the Evil Fusillini Creature. Blasphemers!