The Leonard Cohen Dublin Photo Session With Michael Foley


Leonard Cohen in Concert – Dublin, June 14, 2008

Leonard Cohen Performs In Dublin

On June 14, 2008, Leonard Cohen performed for Michael Foley and his 25 year old daughter.1

Another 12,000 or so folks also showed up in Dublin that evening.  In fact, an audience of 12,000 filled up the stadium each of the three nights Cohen plied his trade in that city.

Happily. Mr. Foley had brought not only his daughter but also his camera. The photos that resulted are striking.

Although it was some four months after the event when I stumbled upon them, I nonetheless felt these pictures conveyed something special about the singer, the setting, and the Dublin audience at that performance.

Consequently, I contacted Michael who graciously granted permission to display his work here.

The Magical Dublin Concert Images


Returning viewers may recall that there was another set of photos posted more contemporaneously with the Dublin concert at Waltzing To Leonard Cohen At The Dublin Concert and The Leonard Cohen Dublin Concert – Photos and (Gasp) Complaints. I was and remain fascinated with those shots as well.

It seems significant that this venue, which has arguably drawn more complaints from those attending than perhaps any of the other stops on Cohen’s tour and which seems, at least to me, unburdened as I am  by a working knowledge of photographic techniques and technology, to be an especially difficult setting for creating decipherable, let alone moving, photos, has resulted in these two galleries of arresting images.

I have, it will surprise no one who knows me, an hypothesis.  I believe the elements of those Dublin concerts, the rough accommodations, the hardiness of the audience, the day to twilight to nighttime scheduling of the presentation, and Leonard Cohen’s undisguised age combined with his undiminished,  gorgeously gravelly voice reverberated with each other, creating a moment that resonates with anyone who shares the sensibilities of Cohen’s beautiful losers.

There is little else to add other than Michael Foley’s own description of the concert:

The concert that sets a benchmark for all other concerts according to my daughter who accompanied me to this fantastic event in Dublin. The charm, the grace, the beauty, the wit – he was magical and the audience (of all ages) were in love with him.


Credit Due Department
These photos were, again, the work of Michael Foley of Michael Foley Photography. The Dublin Concert photos were found in his Flickr account. Both his web site and his Flickr photostream house a bounty of work that is skillfully and creatively constructed.

  1. Michael admits to being – well, older than 25 []

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