Roscoe Beck – Leonard Cohen Tour Coming To US And Western Canada In 2009

Leonard Cohen To Tour US and Canada

To fulfill my promise made in Uncut Leonard Cohen Tour Troop Interviews to list the links to the last two interviews of that set, I checked the Uncut site tonight and found that the Roscoe Beck interview was indeed available at Roscoe Beck Uncut Interview.

It’s a great interview filled with insightful anecdotes about Leonard Cohen.

I chose as an excerpt, however, something less insightful but nonetheless pretty darn interesting. Read on:

And new songs forthcoming?
Well, he’s [Leonard Cohen is] writing. He’s already got some things written. He’s played me two of the songs. And there are more new songs. I saw him writing on the plane yesterday, in his notebooks. And he’s talked to me about wanting to do a new record. But it will probably be when the touring’s done. Just because we still have dates – we’re in Europe until December 1, we’ll break for Christmas, then I think we’re going to Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and the Far East, after that will be the US and Western Canada, so there’s at least that much touring before we can start on a record. That will probably take us to at least October 2009 before we can even think about recording.  [Emphasis mine]

And this is why one should always try to keep ones promises and carefully read the fine print.

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