Leonard Cohen To Tour USA And Canada

Leonard Cohen, Whereya Goin’?

In response to the questions I have already received about last night’s post, Roscoe Beck – Leonard Cohen Tour Coming To US And Western Canada In 2009,

  1. I have no other evidence of substance that The Leonard Cohen World Tour will come to the US and Western Canada in 2009 other than the referenced Uncut magazine interview with Roscoe Beck, the band leader for Cohen’s current World Tour.
  2. Specifically, I do not have a confirmed, tentative, or imaginary schedule of concert dates and locations.
  3. Nor do I know when tickets will go on sale, how much they will cost,  or how many tickets can be purchased at once.1

I do believe that Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson, the Webb sisters, Roscoe Beck and the rest of the band will play US and Western Canadian cities in 2009 because

  1. Roscoe Beck’s casual reference to the fact of the US/Canadian schedule is, well, believable.
  2. Absent some specific, as yet undisclosed legal glitch, tax catch 22, or other weirdness, it would be hard to understand why the Cohen [de facto Farewell] Tour would not ultimately come to the US and Western Canada.
  3. I can convince myself that the US and Canada concerts are  being deliberately scheduled as the Big Finish of the Tour.2
  4. Alternatively, I can convince myself that the US and Canada concerts will be used to introduce the long-promised new songs for the also long-promised new Leonard Cohen album.3
  5. I want to believe that Leonard Cohen will play in a venue accessible to me.4 Last time I checked, that would be your Greater Chicagoland area in the U.S. of A.


  1. That said, I am happy to help fans with ticket purchases. The best strategy is to send all the money you can raise, in small, unmarked bills, to DrHGuy, care of the Heck Of A Guy Web Site, with the number of seats you wish to purchase. I’ll return any excess money – sometime soon. []
  2. Note: This is pure speculation of my part. []
  3. Note: Again, this is pure speculation of my part. []
  4. Of course, I also want to believe that for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. []

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  1. This time, you simply have to go.

  2. Now, if Leonard Cohen could land in NYC on February 7 – Lennymania can spread throughout the land!

    Here’s to many loving concerts shared by “Lenny” and audiences across North America ( :