Bestest Christmas 2008


The Heck Of A Guy Christmas Blessing

As has been true for the past two years, the 2008  Heck Of A Guy  Christmas Day post is dedicated to Lady Lawanda’s1 story of her “Bestest Christmas,” a wonderfully heartening parable that, again, seems  exactly the gift to offer readers on this holiday.2


On behalf of Lady Lawanda and myself,
Merry Christmas to each of you

  1. Lady Lawanda is the blogonym (and, I hasten to add, the self-chosen blogonym) of the woman in my life for the past three or four years. Lawanda,  who died from breast cancer this past June, was a profoundly important and positive force in the lives of her family, her friends, her community, the school where she taught, and, not least, my children and me. Since Julie, my wife, died in 1999, I have ended most comments about her with “I miss her every day.”  On Christmas Day 2008, I miss Julie just as deeply and just as often as I have for the past 9 years. And now I miss Julie and Lawanda so much every day that sometimes, like today, I think my  heart may break. []
  2. For technical reasons, “Lady Lawanda’s Christmas Story” is displayed here as a graphic. If that proves difficult to read, the text is available in the regular HTML format in last year’s post  at Wishing You The Bestest Of Christmases. []

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  1. We all miss Val too. She showed us your site one time- can’t remember why- and we all laughed at her being named “Lawanda”. That was SO Val!

    She talked about you fondly. She was like a schoolgirl when she would mention how you said you loved her or did some thoughtful thing. She was pretty private about relationship matters, as open as she was about everything else, but she would break out in a grin when talking about her Alan and any demonstration of your feelings.

    It’s comforting to know you are missing her too and it was nice to read your Christmas blog about her.

    I hope it doesn’t seem weird me posting here. We wondered if you were at the service at the church in June so we could say something to you, but we’d never seen a picture and wondered if there would be one on your blog.
    Belated condolences from her friends at school. We really miss her too. It’s still hard not to have her there.

    What a great loss to all of us. I can only hope she is smiling down on everyone, out of pain and at peace.