Ketchup Decantation Effect – The Video Exposé

Denyce And The Ketchup Decantation Effect1

The Heck Of A Guy Applied Ketchup Decantation Science Institute2 staff was delighted to receive a video pertinent to their vital condiment extravasation research from Denyce, a self-confessed recovering librarian represented here by the Librarian Action Figure, deluxe edition (naturally), available at your finer novelty stores and web sites but, oddly, not at any library I’ve visited.


Denyce’s Heck Of A Guy experience is the typical sordid story – she came to to this URL to slake her unrequited lust for Calvin Trillin, then spent some time fooling around with Leonard Cohen, and finally became hooked on the  sauce – Ketchup Decantation – The Definitive Report, the seminal and still, as titularly claimed, definitive work in the field, and the specialized supplements,  Ketchup With The Sopranos, and The Third Annual Heck Of A Guy Ketchup Bottle Pounding Condiment Distribution Post.

The response to the ketchup pouring posts by Denyce, whom I suspect has the Dewey Decimal System encoded into her DNA, was in keeping with the Code Of The Librarian. She contributed relevant explicative material, which is how a video entitled “The Ketchup Effect” arrived at Heck Of A Guy headquarters attached to a plain, unmarked e-mail.

And now, gentle reader, you have the opportunity to view this demonstration of ketchup evacuation technique. But be warned – this video is also a graphic reminder of both the catastrophic danger of expanding technology too aggressively into new areas and the tragic consequences of miscommunication.

Note: As one might infer, The Ketchup Effect may not qualify as a work-friendly video (although that depends, of course, on where one works – and if one wishes to continue working there).  It may be more usefully descriptive to note that this parable of science is sequestered within Hip Hip Hora!,  a 2004 teen Swedish movie3 that falls into the same broad category as, say, American Pie.

  1. This is a Heck Of A Guy Confessional post. For the description and background of this format, see Meet The Confessionals. []
  2. Seasonal Motto: Putting the can’t back in decantation. []
  3. Wikipedia offers a plot summary and other information. []

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