Leonard Cohen Rumored To Open US Tour In Austin


Austin Skyline Viewed From Long Center Terrace

The Rumor

According to Michael Corcoran’s Austin360.com blog,

…  Leonard Cohen is starting his 2009 U.S. tour at the Long Center April 2. This is a tip from bassist Roscoe Beck, the Austinite who serves as Cohen’s musical director.


Roscoe Beck (left) and Leonard Cohen In Concert

Roscoe Beck As Information Source

Readers may recall that it was a casual comment from Roscoe Beck in his Uncut  interview that led to the January 19, 2008  Heck Of A Guy post, Roscoe Beck – Leonard Cohen Tour Coming To US And Western Canada In 2009, which presaged last week’s official announcement of the US leg of the Cohen World Tour.

What About New York?

As previously announced, Leonard Cohen  will perform at the  Beacon Theater in New York on February 19, 2009, and, despite the best efforts of several other parts of the country, New York remains part of the U.S.A. So, one might ask, how is it that a concert in April 2009 could start the 2009 U.S. tour?

The New York concert  is being characterized as either (1) a special event independent of the remainder of the Tour or (2)  the finale of the current portion of the Tour, which is now rambling through the outer boroughs of New York known as Australia and New Zealand. After New York, there is a two month hiatus, after which the U.S. leg of the tour officially commences.

What About The Austin Lounge Lizards?

Officially, the  Heck Of A Guy blog position is that the publication of yesterday’s post, Leonard Cohen’s Day Job – It’s The Funny Leonard Cohen Parody, which focused on the song performed by the Austin Lounge Lizards, was random coincidence and was not a covert signal  that the first gig of the U.S. Tour would take place in Austin.

Further, this will remain the official Heck Of A Guy position until  a believable story can be devised that allows the blog to (modestly)  take credit for the prediction.


The Not At All Shabby Long Center Venue

Can The Rumor Be True?

I have no confirming evidence, but the Austin360 Music Blog has been a reliable source. Further, the details about date and venue as well as the reference to Roscoe Beck as source present a convincing story. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue.

UPDATE (21 January 2009): More supporting information has become available. See Looks Like A Go: Leonard Cohen To Open U.S. Tour April 2nd In Austin

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