Dogwood In Deep Woods Of The New River Gorge


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Lord of Leisure writes:

The focus in this shot  is  a Dogwood tree set in the deep woods of the New River Gorge.

As was the case with Rainy Day Photo Of Glade Creek Grist Mill, the weather was damp and the sky was overcast – perfect conditions for this picture. A sunny day would have put the scene’s elements in almost garish contrast.

The softer effect makes for a more interesting atmosphere in which to isolate the Dogwood with its bright white blossoms against the forest’s blacks and dark greens.

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  1. Lord of Leisure was previously known in these posts as Mr. Science. Both Lord of Leisure and Mr Science spend most of their time disguised as Neil Ellis, mild-mannered, retired teacher at a great suburban school system, who can identify a bird by its call, complete the New York Times Friday Crossword in ink, and snap a heck of a photo. []

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