Leonard Cohen New York Concert Exquisite


At the Beacon Theatre in New York last night, Leonard Cohen performed songs from the same repertoire, told the same jokes, gave the same band introductions, and returned for the same encores as he has  done in concerts throughout Canada, Europe, England, Australia, and New Zealand over the past year.

It was spectacular.1

I doubt I can write anything about Leonard Cohen that hasn’t already been written in the course of this tour. Besides, given the number of camera-phones, which appear to have replaced lighters waving aloft as the homage of choice for music fans, running continuously, viewers should be able to watch dozens of videos on YouTube today with shots of the performance from every angle.

And I have a plane to catch.

So, let’s leave it at “exquisite” with a dash of “spectacular.”

I will, however, soon be telling you about the girl with the Leonard Cohen tattoo and my own half-sister of mercy.

  1. With regard to New York Tonight – Leonard Cohen & DrHGuy Appearing Together For The First Time, last night’s concert reminded me of the night in 1992 that Michael Jordan and I combined for 35 points, including six 3 pointers, in the first half of the first game of the finals against Portland. []

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  3. I hope you had a grand time – well, of course you did. Happy for you :)