Presale Today – March 5 – For Extra Leonard Cohen Concerts In Austin, Oakland, Chicago, & Boston


This is less a routine post than a public service announcement.1 Because Heck Of A Guy has become a routine stop for some Leonard Cohen fans and, more significantly, because scoring tickets at any price at any location for these concerts has been extraordinarily difficult and frustrating, I’m offering this information that, to be useful, must be acted upon today.

Leonard Cohen Concerts  Added To Original Schedule

  • Austin –  Michael & Susan Dell Hall: April 1, 2009
  • Oakland – Paramount Theatre: April 14, 2009
  • Chicago – Chicago Theatre: May 6, 2009
  • Boston – Wang Theatre: May 3, 2009

Fan Presale Of Tickets For Extra Cohen Concerts

The Fan Club ticket presale for all four venues takes place TODAY: Thursday, March 5, 10am-10pm local time.2

The only trustworthy source of information about and passwords for the Leonard Cohen fan presale of tickets to these four added performances is LeonardCohenForum – Four extra shows.

How To Manage The Presale Process

By all accounts, the process for ordering presale tickets is not  casual, intuitively obvious, or user friendly. Further, simply obtaining the password for presale access does not guarantee that one will be able to successfully purchase tickets.

It’s downright Darwinian out there, folks.

A useful looking  tutorial on jumping through the hoops in order to actually coerce the presale tickets from Ticketmaster has been  posted on LeonardCohenForum by KaimiK at Online Ticket Presale Tips.3

  1. A more mainstream post should go online liater today []
  2. General public tickets for all four dates are scheduled to go on sale Friday, March 6, 10am local, except Oakland at 11 am local. []
  3. This is yet another example of an online tutorial that is helpful and perhaps essential  to accomplish a task that shouldn’t require an online tutorial. See also Microsoft Software Packaging – Stupid or Malicious or Stupid & Malicious? which refers to tutorials for opening the box containing Microsoft Visa and Office 2007 software. []

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