Leonard Cohen's The Future & Suzanne To Be Issued As 7" Vinyls For Record Store Day

As described in New Vinyl Releases By Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Beck/Sonic Youth, a 7″ vinyl record will be issued by Leonard Cohen as part of the Record Store Day promotion.

The content of the Leonard Cohen 7″ vinyl offering for Record Store Day April 18, 2009, information  unavailable at the time of the previous post, has now been announced.

Leonard Cohen 7”
Side A: “The Future” from Live In London
Side B: “Suzanne” from Live In London

According to the Record Store Day blurb,

All Record Store Day exclusive products … are available only at participating record stores1 on April 18th, 2009. Any left over products [if there are any left over products] will be available on the  website.

Many are anticipating that the 7″ vinyls of certain artists,  including Cohen, will sell out almost immediately. Once the supply is gone, it is gone.

The website of the Vintage Vinyl shop in Fords, New Jersey seems to have the most complete information about Record Store Day, including the specific offerings of each artist.

  1. Participating stores can be found with this handy venue locator. []

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  1. sad platter spinner from up north

    I still have my turntable, and those thingy-do’s that go in the middle of a 45!! But this promotion seems only to be happening South of the Border.