OK, Make That Leonard Cohen, His Famous Blue Raincoat, And His Cowboy Hat In Dallas


Hi-ho Lenny

I was checking whether or not “Lullaby” was on the set list again in Dallas (it was) when I ran across a reference to another  Leonard Cohen hat that had to be shared.

From Concert Report: Grand Prairie (Apr 3) by ProfNowlin on LeonardCohenForum

And for those of you who have not yet heard the new song, “Lullaby,” you are in for a real treat! The between-songs addresses to the audience were pretty much recycled from the earlier tour (as I’ve gathered from the recordings of the London and the Beacon shows), but they still felt authentic. Wearing a cowboy hat to perform the almost bluesy “I Tried to Leave You” did seem like a unique-to-Texas touch… [emphasis mine]

Ahem –  As I Was Suggesting, …

OK, I suggested a buckskin coat instead of the cowboy hat and a Texas flag instead of the guitar-emblazoned stage background pictured at the top of this post, but I’m pleased to see the spirit of my recommendations in New & Improved Leonard Cohen Concerts have been taken to heart.

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  1. I should clarify that the hat in question was not some J.R. Ewing monstrosity as large as a sombrero from an imagined Dionysian outtake of “The Lost Canadian” (merging into “Don’t Go Home With Your Hat-On”). Rather, to my eyes, at least, L.C.’s (Texas specific?) costume change involved one of those spiffy black western-style hats that Dylan often wears. It was definitely the closest I’ve ever seen to Cowboy Cohen, and it undeniably added to the raw, unlimbered quality of the performance of “I Tried to Leave You” — almost as if the Nokia Theatre had momentarily become Stubb’s Barbecue. Perhaps someone else who attended the show and who has a better knowledge of headwear can let us know exactly what kind of hat we are dealing with…

    Brian (“ProfNowlin”)