Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses Deep In The Heart Of Texas


I’m Your Man and A Thousand Kisses Deep
– Videos From The Dallas Concert

We interrupt this post for this Special Request To Camera-equipped Cohen Concert-goers: A video of the new song, “Lullaby,” would be a wonderful thing. Perhaps less wonderful but nonetheless high on my wish list is a photo of Leonard Cohen wearing that cowboy hat. Please contact me if either are or become available. Thanks. We now return to our blog in progress.

I’m Your Man

The video of “I’m Your Man” from the Leonard Cohen Nokia Theatre Concert (Grand Prairie/Dallas) is absent the first and last fractions of the song but does benefit from good focus, a steady hand (or competent electronic stabilization), and decent quality sound.

“I’m Your Man” and “A Thousand Kisses Deep” are also the best of the few videos of any sort I can find from the Abilene and Dallas concerts. My guess is that the theaters hosting these shows discouraged would-be documentarians although I suppose that it’s possible that Texans are less enamored of home-grown videos than are, say, New Zealanders or Dubliners.

I did choose “I’m Your Man” over “Suzanne,”1 which was submitted by the same YouTube contributor,  primarily because, to my jaded eye, the more animated performances, such as “I’m Your Man” and “Tower of Song,” show to better advantage as videos than do those numbers, such as “Suzanne” and “The Partisan,” which concentrate almost exclusively on lyrics, inflections, and melody.

The best received moment of “I’m Your Man,” comes at about the  1:10 mark when Roscoe Beck, playing the bass guitar, echoes Cohen’s  elongated, plaintive “Please.”

There is also a brief solo by Dino Soldo, perhaps better known to aficionados of Cohen’s band introductions as “The Master Of Wind,” a title that could launch a thousand puns. Some critics deride his contributions to Cohen’s performance as superfluous at best and often distracting. I admit to enjoying the semi-exotic effect of his instruments.2


I also confess that the first time I saw his photo (that’s Dino on your right in the above photo), I thought he might have been hired as Leonard’s bodyguard.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man (Dallas April 3, 2009)

A Thousand Kisses Deep
“A Thousand Kisses Deep” also starts a few seconds into the recitation, and its production values are not up to the standards of the “I’m Your Man” video, but – well, I really like this presentation of the poem and now prefer it to the song of the same title.

This post would hardly deserve placement in a blog called “Heck of a Guy” if I did not provide readers those missing lines from the video of “A Thousand Kisses Deep.” The first words Cohen speaks on the video are

You’d have to be a man to know
How good that feels, how sweet.

The two lines preceding those, if Cohen used the words of his poem from the Book Of Longing which he has in other venues on the World Tour,3 are

You came to me this morning
And you handled me like meat.

Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses Deep (Dallas April 3, 2009)

  1. “Suzanne” fans can watch that video at Suzanne (Dallas-YouTube) []
  2. Perhaps his music seems exotic to me because there were few occasions as a youth that I heard the Akai EWI4000 Electric Woodwind or the Axis-64 played in broadcasts of  the Grand Ole Opry. []
  3. In the Book of Longing version, the line is not “You’d have to be a man to know” but instead reads, “You’d have to  live alone to know.” []

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  1. Because of the startling lack of documentary evidence for both the cowboy hat and “Lullaby” on youtube, leonardcohenforum.com, etc., I’m starting to suspect that the Leonard Cohen Powers That Be are closely monitoring these sites and removing any “hat” or “lullaby” material as soon as it appears. Might they be trying to keep the wraps on the revelation that the long-discussed-yet-shadowy new studio album is actually a country and western affair? Just imagine: “Susie Anne,” “A Bunch of Lonesome Horses,” “Paper Thin Motel 6,” “Sheriff Deputy Cohen,” “Libertarianism (Is Coming To The USA),” “Tacoma Trailer Park,” “Dear Henrietta,” and a song that will no doubt be endlessly covered by the up-and-coming Jeff Buckleys of the world: “Hot Diggity Damn”

  2. Yeah, the reports of the cowboy hat seem to be greatly exaggerated. Check out this site:


    But expect to spend some time there. Laura has a great review of the Austin concert and a really lovely site. At the bottom of the review, she links to her photo gallery with great pictures of Leonard, some of the best I’ve seen,…and no cowboy hat. Of course, maybe he only wore it the other night in Austin.

    However, here’s what she says about Lullaby —

    Then we hear the beginnings of a very special debut of a new unreleased song, “Lullaby” which is a down tempo tune with a triplet feel that weaves an exquisite dance of slide guitar, harmonica, and B-3 while Cohen croons, “When it’s much too late, and we’ve taken our stand, when they call out your name, we’ll go hand in hand. If your heart is torn, who can wonder why? If the night is long, here is my lullaby, here’s my lullaby.”