Photo Found Of Leonard Cohen, Singing Cowboy


Leonard Cohen - Dallas 2009

Leonard Cohen’s Crazy Dream – The New Gene Autry?

Michelle Wolverton, an especially trustworthy, absolutely loyal, always helpful, wise beyond her years, incredibly good looking, and virtuous-enough-without-getting-ridiculous-about-it Heck Of A Guy reader, has discovered a photo – taken by Anne M Bray – of Leonard Cohen wearing cowboy headgear during an encore at his Dallas concert, an event first reported by Brian, AKA ProfNowlin1 and confirmed by Stu McAfee.2

Families and friends of Brian and Stu may now cease concerns that these two Cohen fans are victims of a folie à deux.

And, it turns out, the artist’s sketch on the wanted poster wasn’t far off.


In addition, I offer this screenshot from the documentary, “Leonard Cohen Under Review 1978-2006,” of different cowboy apparel, a needle nosed boot, then worn by Leonard Cohen.


Finally, as the closing number of this post, we have the first verse of – what else – “Cowboy Hat In Dallas” by Charlie Daniels (who toured Europe with Leonard Cohen in the late 1960s):

Well there ain’t no grapes in California, and there ain’t no spuds in Idaho
Ain’t no snow in Minnesota, they don’t get hot in El Paso
And there ain’t no baked beans up in Boston, and no river in St. Lou
Ain’t no grizzlies in Alaska and the Astrodome is blue
And there ain’t a cowboy hat in Dallas if I ain’t in love with you

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