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Mérida Photo Gallery1

Karen Ferguson, your basic Illinois-bred, shaman-seeking, blues-loving, teacher burn-out/motorcycle chick who, in the midst of crisis of the soul, AKA her impending 40th high school reunion, found not Jesus but the Heck Of A Guy blog,2 took time before her 2 AM swim to forward a selection of photos that resonate with her life in Mérida, Yucatán,  her home town of choice.

I’ve used her original blurbs  from the email accompanying the pictures as captions for the photos rather than asking her to buff them into something fancier (she is, in fact, capable of writing elegant prose) because these quick and casual descriptions seem precisely fitting for the images and setting.

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Botero copy at a restaurant that I found charming.


One of my fav signs in Santa Lucia church.


20 cents worth of warm tortillas from the little shop 3 doors down.


Great fruit that I had last week but can't remember the name of it.


Looking outside, I saw this gentleman on a 50 year old motorcycle strap on this ice block. I ran to get my camera and snapped it while he was pulling away. I'm always in awe here.

  1. This is a Heck Of A Guy Confessional post. For the description and background of this format, see Meet The Confessionals. []
  2. See 40th High School Reunion Beckons: My Attendance Record Remains Perfect and follow-ups: Diamond Wildcats 1967 Online, More Pix – More Nostalgia, More Wildcat Pix. []

0 responses to “Images Of Mérida, Yucatán

  1. Very Very Good Girl

    Great pictures – thanks for sharing. Such simple yet very intimate snapshots share what you find so appealing in Merida & frankly what most all would miss if they just passed through. I’d love to know what that fruit is!

    • The fruit is pitaya and is delicious. You cut it in half, the interior is white with black speckles; you eat it with a spoon and it’s yummy.

  2. Karen Ferguson

    you crack me up…and it’s late here in Merida, Yucatan. I seldom laugh this late.
    >>>Illinois-bred, shaman-seeking, blues-loving, teacher burn-out/motorcycle chick who, in the midst of crisis of the soul<<<
    This is so YOU…and sooo me. What did I do to land on your site?? Lucky me.

    I have to say…I love these photos.
    So glad you found a place for them…and thanks to Martha, a new friend, I now have a name for a new favorite fruit.
    Abrasitos to you…and thanks for the posting…
    You are a dear.
    ps. You thinkin’ of going to the Chicago Bloooos Festival yet?? I need a write up…

  3. Terry Houghtaling

    The same fruit in Thailand and Malaysia is known as Dragon fruit. It is delicious with its white flesh and black specs.