Brit Doppelgänger Of 1960s Leonard Cohen Found

The Young Leonard Cohen As Reflected By Mark Ronson1

My first contact with Ruth was an email I sent her about a Leonard Cohen YouTube video she had uploaded and which I, in turn, had posted at Leonard Cohen – “Night Comes On” From 1985. In her reply, Ruth mentioned that she had discovered a lookalike for Leonard Cohen as he appeared in the late 1960s-early 1970s. I was, of course, interested and this Heck Of A Guy entry is the result. The text and the graphics below were all contributed by Ruth.

Ronson Cohen

Mark Ronson and Leonard Cohen

[There is a] resemblance between the young Mr Cohen and the music producer responsible for unleashing Amy Winehouse on us, namely Mark Ronson.2 The resemblance is helped along by the fact that Ronson always dresses like an extra from an Austin Powers film. …  it’s more noticeable if you see film of him rather than pictures, but I do think the likeness is quite striking.

Cohen Ronson

Leonard Cohen and Mark Ronson

Bonus: Video Source Mystery Solving Opportunity
Ruth notes that she has recently uploaded a Cohen video, “Leonard Cohen – I Can’t Forget (live 1990s),”  for which the source is unknown. In the YouTube introduction to “I Can’t Forget,” she writes,

Can anyone help me identify where/when this is from? Looks early 90s to me, possibly around the time he was promoting The Future? Any help gratefully received.

This and other outstanding Cohen performances, many of which are unusual and have been, until now, rarely available on video, can be found at  Ruth, AKA messalina79

The Leonard Cohen Lookalikes Collection

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  1. This is a Heck Of A Guy Confessional post. For the description and background of this format, see Meet The Confessionals. []
  2. Information about Mr Ronson’s exploits as a producer and performer  can be found at Wikipedia. []

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